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I'll ever get bored of PhotoBooth???

I love digg, I browse it several times a day, mostly there aren't any major changes during the course of the day, but still I get most of my daily dose of what's going on in the world of stuff that interests me on there and it suits me fine. (and Diggnation FTW!!)

Sometimes I feel motivated to comment on a story, or simply browse what others are saying, sometimes even comment on a comment, within this, I've been dugg, buried and ignored.

This is where digg starts to slip into the hate side of things, and I guess it's not really digg itself, more 'people' and their differing viewpoints, the ones that get dugg down generally retailiate, blaming all the world's problems on digg itself, there are also a fuckload of idiots on there, not just people who's opinion differs from mine (as would be the internet accepted definition of idiot), but genuine stupid people. People who have trouble forming a sentence, who can barely spell (I know I'm nowhere near English literacy professor standards but I'd like to think I'm not a complete loss), who's basic general knowledge is way out and seem to have no want to improve themselves in anyway.

More often than not, these people (diggers) find themselves the victims of mass burying and flaming comments all round, some of them retaliate with some fire of their own, others simply skulk away to lick their wounds and find something else to comment on.

Increasingly there are the rationalists cropping up, the ones who part way through what genuinely is a futile argument (such as this one) simply chime in with the "Get over it" or "FFS..etc", they usually get dugg then ignored.

This sort of futile warring is mostly tiresome, and grinds me down, however occasionally something brightens things up...


ASBO shmasbo

Just read an article in Metro about 10 year old Lewis Green, who's committee a string of drugs and violence offences.
He's been given a wide reaching ASBO, fair enough.

District judge Nalla Lawrence said the purpose of the order was 'not necessarily' to punish Lewis.

And there lies one of the major problems with England today.

Couple that with some charity calling for early release of youth prisoners to ease over crowding.

It seems crime doesn't pay, but it's not that bad either.


Sent while mobile.


you mean I've gotta wait like a MONTH before the next episode of Heroes?!?!?! There's little else that has sucked more!

fucking brilliant!

Via Digg

Oh dear God no....

And another... says I'm 32% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

But not on a new 1.83GHz Core2Duo Macbook :/

SO, if anyone wants to kindly donate 2Gb of RAM (under £120 from Crucial), that I currently cannot afford to buy, please feel free...please. :/

After just browsing Mike's blog (sorry.. Slog), i realised that I hadn't taken the opportunity to post some PhotoBooth pics, as every other new Intel-Mac owner does ;)...

A cool one to start ;) The rest will be the "hilarious" ugly ones..

This one askes "Where's Dec?"

Not currently liking Safari's refusal to deal with Java based WYSIWYG blog editing :/

I just found this, from the Mayor of Yokohama City...

"Letfs start saving the environment from every dayfs activities by switching off unused power and not wearing neckties to work!"


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