Well, I've moved house, still at mum's, still can't afford my own place, but it's a new place nonetheless, it has rather orange carpets and smells funny but it's ok.

The main issue I have is lack of space for the desk and computer setup I wanted, and am reduced to using (most of) my old desk with a single 19" CRT attached to the powermac, not that much of a compromise, as it's still a PM, but if you see my earlier posts u'll understand what I'm getting at.

Well, pretty much all packed now. After I've posted this, checked a couple of other bits and closed down, I'm gonna pack up the router, and then we're pretty much all set to move.

We don't move until tuesday, but as I'm not gonna be here 2moro night, I need to get everything prepped beforehand.

Speaking of prep, pre-production on "Impossible To Get Around" is well underway, check out the production blog for a few more details and ongoing summaries.

Oh yeah and WHERE IS MY WEBSITE?!? >:/ looks like the fasthosts servers are down as I couldn't connect earlier to look at getting some more webspace for lookoutfilm.net, can't get my email and can't pull up my site. Dammit, doub't I'll get a refund for the downtime.

Top day, sun is shining, I'm gradually getting all my stuff packed, although I have to dismantle the desk soon and I've just listened to The Imperial March rather loud, cheers.


saw this on digg, it's bloody amazing, has it's shortcomings when you start to think about it, but run this on one of those interactive tables they've got in development and I'm there! I'd even have it running on a PC and use a mouse!!

do i?

Ok that title sounds a bit iffy, it was supposed to sound like proper thesp', but came across a little bit subversive!

Basically (again, I use that word far to often), basically yesterday was the day of the studio shoot for the programme I'm currently working on, and thus my television acting debut!! [wink wink]

Now, i wouldn't like to compare myself to the likes of Min-Sik Choi, or Olivier, but I think I can definitly describe myself as a character actor. This was a very demanding role for me, not that stressful, but a little disorientating at times, and very very warm. There was an element of danger involved and one might say that I was acting blind, although I still had the skills and confidence to do all my own stunt work.

I haven't seen the rushes yet but by all acounts the performance was the best they'd seen for a character of this type and overall I won't win any sort of award but should get 30 seconds (ish) more tv time!

I can't wait to see what the rest of the outfit looks like on cam! ;)


It had to happen, my iBook finally crashed, or to give it the correct terminology had a "Kernal Panic" and it certainly induces panic I can tell you!

Not panic in the sense of
"Oh my God my...my computer...it's...what's that? That's not supposed to be there, oh God what am I gonna do what am I gonna do? I'll have to take it to PC world, maybe it's a virus or..or..a trojan"


"Oh! Shit! Bugger! Damn. Okay, restart (twiddles thumbs during reboot) why did that happen disk space the heat in this office hope I haven't buggered something well it's fine now probably for another year or so.

So I am wondering, why exactly that happened. I've googled "causes of kernel panics" a few times to try and find out, all the main ones seem to be permissions and hardware, well as soon as i was back up, I ran MacJanitor & Disk Utility, so hopefully they've cleared any of that up. Hardware; I hope not, cos that'll be a bugger, but it wouldn't surprise me, I've been pushing this little iBook quite hard since I've had it, and what with the ridiculous heat (pah! English! never happy with the weather), it could well get a little frazzled.

Use your vote!

Take a trip over to the NME site and take a minute to log a vote & comment for Winteria.

Yes they're friends of mine, they're also really good! You can listen to some of their stuff on the NME page or from their webiste (www.winteria.co.uk) or their MySpace page (www.myspace.com/winteria).

If u like it please vote and also go see them at The Concorde2 in Brighton this Sunday at 3.00PM!


the link again http://www.nme.com/newmusic/winteria

A little pointer

Just a quickie, to say to anyone reading this, to be sure to have a butchers at the links lower down on the right, u'll find the joys of Winteria, link to my MySpace...space, and a couple of IMDB pages of mine, such as ratings, and as I've newly discovered the My Movies bit of the site, I'll add the various films I own on VHS and DVD, so if you're really that interested..you can see for yourselves what masterpieces and embarrasing pieces of crap I own.

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