Scratching - Round 2.1??

Ok, went out earlier, got the 14 cards

Feeling a little aprehensive... after all, as I mentioned in the previous post, the last 14-card-combo didn't end too happily, although this time it's 14 of the same type.

Well I had to go through 10 sequential cards (the numbers are on the bottom right of the card) before hitting a winner with a value of £2, the only winning card in this lot.

Still in the game tho, let's see where this £2 leads... probably nowhere.

So far, over two rounds of the "game" I've put in a total of £4 and played a total of 61 cards, 58 pig ones and 3 of the £100,000 ones. All the winning ones have been pig ones, so for that card...

58 cards played = 46 lose + 12 win (1 in 4.83??)

Highest winning so far was on the first lot, being £20, and accrued winnings (which doesn't work but hey) of £61.

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Scratching Sensation

Or minor gambling addiction, you decide. Well don't, because I already know the answer. ;)

It's not an addiction per-say, just too much time on my hands I think, anyway... I decided not to vlog this one, I think you've endured enough of me scratching for now, so here's just the words and pictures, but not together in a magical moving form (unless you blink really quickly and shake your head).

So, at the end of the last installment, I'd been left with a single card winning £1, well that one lost. Damn, so ends the streak and I put it down to the 3 different cards that I took on the last lot. I'm not bitter tho.

That card was part of a mass scratching between myself and three others (Jim, Carrie and Vic), various cards were scratched, mostly the pig ones and a few Indiana Jones ones, there were a couple of wins that got exchanged for more cards and then subsequently lost, but that's the nature of the beast.

So starts a new round. I went to the shop, spent £2 on 2 pig cards and one of them won.

Shit picture I know, no macro function on my old N70. So I got one if the little pig symbols, first one, it's a £10 instant win! Huzzah.

10 more of the same please

So far the only thing I'm rolling in is scratchcards. Moving on, this is the part where you, if you feel the need, can go back and re-watch the middle part of the last video, and imagine that the cards are these new ones, and try and channel some positive energies to me.

The positive energies worked thank you!! Out of these 10 cards 4 of them won..."HOW MUCH?!" I hear you scream in moist anticipation...£14!! True it's not the £8,000 yet but I'm still in the game, this time a combo of 2x £1 (sequential cards btw) a £2 and another £10 pig. Now I should go right out and get some more in the hope that I don't skip any of the cards on the roll, but that ain't gonna happen tonight, so I'll probably get them tomorrow.

My concern is that we're now into the same situ as before, 4 cards winning £14, does this mean I'll only be able to get 11 of pig ones again? Will I miss out on the big win? What of the odd card I saw the shop assistant put to one side before tearing me 10 fresh ones of the roll? Will I ever cash in a card? When will I find something better to do?

Scratchcards - More...

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Ok, here it is, what did I do with that winning card?

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Let me know, comments here, twitter, facebook wall, youtube, email, text, branded guinea pig

Not many additions, but it's been updated with a few bits from the past month.

Not sure about the encoding, but thought I'd give it a go.

Be sure to check the website, also updated and thouroughly iWebbed until I learn better CSS n stuff.

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