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How crap is it, really? I've tried all day to log in to deny yet another band's gay-myspace-friend-request and all I'm getting when I click the little login button is..

Sorry, I've unexpectedly shat my own mum out my arse, but I've told the technical losers about it.

Gee thanks. Well done Tom/Rupert whatever cock runs that site and it's clearly crappy servers. When I do finally get to deny the band, I do hope it shows up their end that I did. Have that in your face you Arctic Monkeys wannabes.

NB, obviously these feelings don't apply to any of my friends bands ;)

Last day at work :/

Well, it had to last day @ Square Donkey :( I have to say it's been great working here, it's been a fun job and the people are great (no, I'm not just saying that!)

So, today, make sure all the paperwork is up to date and kosher, then drinks :)

Yep..we're shit

Had a fun evening last night, went to a pub quiz with Vicky, down at The Crescent pub, just around the corner from where she lives.

General knowledge, 30 questions, the winning team got a respectable 27, well done them, we scored 9.

Yes 9. We're shit, I'm not doing another pub quiz with just the two of us. It's too embarrasing! :/

Top day at work..

I heartily recommend scooting over to and watching the full pilot episodes of Eureka and The Amazing Screw On Head.

The first being a bog standard little sci-fi channel series, much like all the other series that are cropping up, like Invasion, Surface etc, but it's really funny, quirky and..well kinda like a grown up Eerie Indiana, which can't be a bad thing!

The ASOHead is an animated series from Mike Mignola...The creator of Hellboy you damn snotwheeze!

Watch them both! And if you feel like it also check out the first episode of Garth Mareghi's Dark Place, proper british lunacy that for some reason wasn't re-commissioned!?!?! Wankers.

No that wasn't my Steve Ballmer impression, although it was pretty close, that was my elatedness (?) at having broadband at home once more! :)

Thankfully, my Orange freebie package is now active and although only 2meg when apparently the line supports 6.5, it's better than dial-up and then nothing which is what I had for the past couple of weeks. Plus I only had 2meg on AOL (if that!)

Not so WOO! is the damn passport service >:/, they've severely pissed me off this week by messing me about something chronic with the delivery of my renewed passport. Now renewing a passport should be an easy (if expensive) process, you fill out the form, pay the money (£58 bleurgh!) and a couple of weeks later they send you a spanking new passport. Not if you move house after you've applied.

Now I didn't think anything of it, mum put a re-direct on the post, so I assumed (yes) that everything would get to me. Of course I didn't count on the fact that the IPS use a specialist courier service called Secure Mail Services (SMS) to deliver their stuff, they tried to deliver my passport to the old house, obviously we weren't there, so I got a letter through the post saying to ring a number and arrange for redelivery. I rang it, got a computer who told me they could send it to my work address. I hung up and got my work addy, phoned back, got a person this time, said could I re-direct to my work addy, they said sure no probs, i gave them the details, they said..
"That's in London yes?"
I said..
"We can't deliver there."
"Because your passport is in Brighton"
"So we can't track it to London"

Great..thanks :/
"Okay, can I give you my new home address then?"
"No we can't take that I'm afraid"
"Why not?"
"We can't we can only deliver it to the address on the system"
"But I just gave you my work address to deliver it to"
"We can't do it, you have to phone the passport service and get them to send a fax to us"

And so it begins...4 days of phoning the passport service, in the end to be told that I had to send a fax, which had I been given the right number would have been a hell of a lot easier and would have saved a lot of aggrivation for a little old lady.

That was sent on Monday. I still haven't got my passport and consequentially I couldn't take my theory test (driving) and have lost £21 for my trouble.


Where's my Internet?

Just gone a whole weekend with no net access whatsoever! :/

Cancelled my AOL account on Saturday morning, registered for broadband thru Orange, but in the mean access at all! And of course being in Henfield, no wireless either, not even any of my neighbours have an unprotected wireless router. Dammit.

Where's my broadband?!?


Dammit! We move, house and I have no broadband. I phone BT, they say the line *is* enabled and it's and AOL issue.

I phone AOL, tell them I've moved and they say sure give us your new address, right it'll take 20 DAYS to transfer your account, but you can have dial-up in the mean time.

Um... Dial-up? 20 days? £30/month? Um...


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