Who's not happy?

Matt's not happy! >:(

Ok there was a few seconds of what I shot, which was about what I was expecting, were was my bloody credit?!?!?

Next week, is the first Selling Houses Abroad (Housetrapped), I'd better be bloody credited on that, mainly cos I worked on it for over 4 months and that the Portugal story was mine!

So yes, I'm grumpy.


Selling Houses, tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm!

hopefully it'l l be my first broadcast credit (see makeover stuff a few posts back) and maybe even some footage i shot too!!

If not, I'm gonna be horribly embarrassed and a tad pissed off.

Seems like the French are a bit pissed don't it?

Went and saw Hostel on the weekend, it's alright, not as good as Cabin Fever in my opinion, nor is it as good as Saw II, that I watched last night and was most entertaining.

Got to see Slither tho, that looks damn good! ;) Proper stupid horror film, last good one of those was Eight Legged Freaks, so bring it on!

painfully slow

Why is my bloody net connection so slow?!? >:( dammit.

Anyway...I've got a big old pack of Wine Gums, I'm gonna watch Seven Samurai in a bit (I might even have a choc ice!)

I'm currently having to use every little bit of will-power I can muster at the moment to stop myself using my shiny new Virgin credit card to purchase myself a shiny new iMac... i must be strong...god I want a new mac...I can technically afford a Quad-G5 at the mo :/ this ain't funny!

life is so unfair..still party on!

Miike update

Ok, after viewing them... his films in order of greatness (IMHO).

  1. The Happiness Of The Katakuris
  2. Audition
  3. Gozu
  4. Ichi The Killer
  5. Dead Or Alive
I think next on the list will be Visitor Q (or possibly the twin pack of Fudoh and Full Metal Yakuza I've seen), although I may deviate from Miike for a bit as Conal at work has kindly lent me Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa...looking forward to that, although need to plan in a slot as it's over 3 hours long! (like LOTR all over again!)

Happy birthday to Greg!!

I have to say, this CSS lark is confusing the buggery out of me.

I'm getting there but I think it's been far too long since I last properly coded anything, my logical-code understanding mind has gone to mush. I've changed the links in the sidebar for del.icio.us links, and tried to get the style to match the rest of the blog, can't seem to get the link font right tho :/

At this rate I doubt I'll be completely re-vamping the look of this thing!!




in fact I've just looked at a load more of the site...WOW!


Jacket Potato? CHEERS!

Well, just had lunch, jacket potato, cheese n beans, top notch, thankyou very mych Cafe oneten.

Watched Gozu last night, VERY ODD, but also very good, 2nd best of the 3 Takashi Miike films I've seen so far, in order of greatness (my opinion)...

  1. Happiness of the Katakuris
  2. Gozu
  3. Ichi The Killer
Got Dead Or Alive to watch at some point over the weekend, still looking for a cheap copy of Audition tho.

The other thing is I've just seen a notice in the canteen that says there's a charity that buys wheelchairs with plastic milk bottle tops?!?!? Slightly surreal.

Another day out n about, well half a day anyway. A trip up to Sunbury-on-Thames to recce a comparative property for SH, then back to the office...approximatly 4 hours travelling and around 20 mins filming :/ you do get to see some interesting sights tho ;) ------>

Still, it's out n about, that's the main thing. Hopefully I should be finished on SH pretty soon, if I'm lucky by the middle of tomorrow, but I think this one's gonna haunt me. Gonna spend a couple of weeks contributor finding for another production about the schools admission system, it doesn't sound the most exciting subject in the world but it seems I do have to find some interesting people and let's be honest...it's not houses!

On a cinematic note, went and saw The Weather Man yesterday...what a dissappointing pile of wank that was, damn those clever trailer editors! Should've listened to Dr Kermode on this one (not Wolf Creek tho!!)

onwards and upwards

Looks like I'm going up to the 3rd floor next week to work for a couple of weeks on Admission Impossible, a documentary about the school admissions process, to help with contributor finding. Could only be a couple of weeks but it's still a couple more weeks paid!! Plus I'll be closer to the edit suites so I might get a look-in there!! ;)

Oh yeah!! you spend ages trying to arrange something, finally get it sorted and within the space of about 10 minutes, it all goes to shit.


don't count your chickens!

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