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Well, I'm happy with that! (Although the female ones are a bit iffy)

and b)

Naive by The Kooks, really sounds like another song, possibly American pop-punk, it's ok, I've just clikced, it sounds like something by Alien And Farm...maybe Movies, i'll check that now

not long now

Only a couple more hours and I reach the grand old age of 30, this is really the only birthday, where I've actually felt any different (although we'll find out tomorrow, on my actual b'day if it is any different or not).

16 didn't feel any different from 15, 18 didn't feel any different from 17, no real advances to the "adult" world there, I'd been drinking for years, just now I could go and buy it legally..woo-bloody-hoo.

21 came around, the whole coming of age thing..uhuh, nothing really special going on there, in fact through the whole of my twenties, I haven't felt particularly grown up, despite becoming a father, forging a career, then changing career, getting in debt, I still fucked about at work (well, when I was in retail, when all you can do to remain sane is to fuck about), made stupid videos with my friends (now make more serious ones), joined a band, got pissed a fair bit, nothing that struck me as particularly adult.

Even now when I look in the mirror, I don't see "an adult", I see me, ok I've got a goatee (and a fair bit of stubble at the mo), my hair's throwing in a three-pronged assault of both receeding, thinning and going grey (cheers hair :/), yet I haven't felt like an adult since I supposedly became one.

Now approaching the big 3-0, I have this sudden sense of...well..."shit! 30!, that's like proper adult", things spring to mind such as TV programmes like "Thirtysomethings" "Friends", groups of adults, dealing with adult issues...ok maybe not so much in Friends, but you get the idea, it's pretty much a whole new demographic! And that's a tad unsettling.

So, in celebration of my impending b'day, I went out last night, got a load of friends together, went to the pub, had some drinks then went down to The Gloucester for (whatever it's called) an indy night. It's been a good few years since I've been to any club, let alone The Gloucester which I used to frequent, and, yeah, it was a good night, got a little drunk, not majorly, danced about a bit, and felt really really old.

I think it's a defining moment, when you're standing in the middle of a nightclub, not knowing hardly any of the songs and complaining to you friends (who were in agreement) that they needed to play more mid 80's to early 90's stuff, rather than all this new rubbish for all the people in the club who looked like they wanted to be Vince in the mighty boosh.

Then Outer Space by The Prodigy came on and everything was ok for 4 minutes :)

How long will it be before I'm thinking to myself "I can't keep up with these kids!" :/

So today was spent, with a little bit of a headache, sat in front of my mac, cutting ITGA. A lot of fine cutting and sound mixing today. I'm still not keen on anything sound related, although I've solved all the syncing issues now, and used Adobe Audition to clean up a lot of the fridge hum in the bar scene, there's now the issue of having one actor sounding really good, and the other sounding shite (mainly because of shooting on a wider angle and not having as good sound rushes), so more work there.

It's all a learning process tho, and I'll never be too old for that.


I've had a couple of messed up mornings this week. Trying to get back in the habit of getting up for work is not easy.

You stop work, and every day you want a lie in, you wake up at stupid o'clock in the morning, then when it comes to going back to work, all you want to do is sleep!! :/

For instance, this morning, I was at home in Henfield, over slept, woke up at 07:38, my bus was due around 07:40ish, rushed around, brushed my teeth, had a quick wash, chucked some clothes on and ran to the bus stop...missed it there's a surprise. Swore for a bit, then strolled up to the main bus stop to look at the time tables, ok, there's a bus to Burgess Hill at 08:02, which should get me there around 08:30, thus I should be able to get my normal train, cashback. Sure enough that's what happened (the pic is from platform 1 there) and I'm first in the office. Cheers.

Tuesday morning, even worse. In Brighton this time. My alarm on my phone goes off, I switch it off and immediatly drop off again. Wake up, look at the clock 08:30, shit! (my train's 08:36 from Brighton), jump out of bed, run around brush teeth, have a quick wash, look at my phone, the little bell symbol still there saying the alarm's still set, go into the clock switch that off, run around, finish getting dressed. Dash to the train station, thinking all the way about alternative routes to minimise my lateness, get to the station, next train to London Bridge 08:02, dash into the station...slow...stop...think...look up at the boards, next train leaving is 07:53.

Confusion sets in big time. Look at my watch, focus, 07:50, check it again. shit. When I woke up it was 07:30 not 08:30, my alarm never went off, hence why it was still set, and I could've had another 15 mins in bet and a bath in the morning. Damn. Spent most of the train journey up (on the 8:02) still trying to figure it all out.

Sometimes i can be really shit :/

Back on the donkey

Yep, back for a couple of weeks at Square Donkey, helping with the revisions to Viral Vision, so getting engrossed in the world of internet video once more, coming across stuff like this...

and remember...

Everybody loves Raymond. Except Chuck Norris.

Yes he bloodywell did!! Thank Christ for that!!

It wasn't that bad, 33/35 cheers, hated every minute of the Hazard Perception test, which is a load of bollocks, but hey, I passed, shouldn't grumble ;)

A LOT of work!

Okay, so some days have past since I last posted and since the shoot, which (if you saw the lookout blog) will know that as far as shoots go and being my first as a director, it went okay.

I've sat through, not all, but most of the rushes, started to drop scenes together to see what I've actually got and not got (soon realising that it's gonna be a hard cut), thinking about where the hell I can find a decent bathroom, and now..when the hell I'm gonna get that shot, as this weekend was the best one for it and after that, god knows on people's availability!?!? :/

I digi'd all the tapes into FCP with my iBook, on the weekend, I've now rigged the hdd back up to my powermac G4 for cutting.

One extra thing I've done is picked up a pair of cheap (and surprisingly good), £14.99 Sony headphones (MDR-V150) from HMV, as mum kept commenting on thet fact that all she could hear was Russ (my AD) shouting "QUIET PLEASE", obviously from me trying to sync the sound (which we'll get onto in a mo!)

So I'm currently flipping between, editing, sound syncing, sorting paperwork, generally procrastinating, thinking about installing ubuntu on my PC and thinking about doing some revision for my driving theory which I have 2moro.

I have to say, I've learnt a hell of a lot from this project (and still learning), knowing my limitations, knowing my abilities, realising how to think differently when you're a director from all the other shoots I've been on.

Learning about compromise on a shoot of this scale, realising how much more time I would've liked to shoot, I don't think I'm gonna love the finished product, but I think I'll like it, yesterday I hated it, but then that was just me getting tired and frustrated.

Sound syncing.


I HATE IT!, first off I tried doing it in FCP (Final Cut Pro btw, thought about using Avid for this one, but went the FCP route anyway), my sound was 1/3 of a frame out, and I couldn't move it in anything but 1 whole frame incrememtents (first head in hands moment), so I bunged the shot into Soundtrack, which proved the business (despite crashing a fair few times on my PM), it allowed me to zoom further in and properly sync.

So a few hours and 2 shots synced. Onto the next one..bung it to Soundtrack, sync the clap, done. NOPE, the clap is synced but the pre-take voices are out!?!? Sync the voices, the claps out (and the voices still aren't fully synced!) at that point I went to bed.

I haven't tried syncing any more yet, instead choosing to drop an assembly together to see if the shots I've got actually work, why? because a) I need to, and b) I'm dreading getting to the dialogue and finding that it's all out of sync :/ fingers crossed tho!!

Anyway...back to the grind...

It's not the stress...

It's the headache. The constant, persistant dull headache.

Yeah and my printer's just ran out of black ink. Cheers. God I'm a grumpy bastard at the moment.

Anyway, getting stuff sorted, managing to make it through a day without being sick from nerves, and yay, soon get to make a "proper" film. :)

Got confirmed delivery times, got booked kit, still outstanding on a couple of things, a loc, an actor, but hey, that's all part and parcel of low budget, slightly poorly prepped, filmmaking ;)

Big kudos and cheers to Sally Reynolds, who's Producing, came on board late in the game (my bad) and has really pulled it together. CHEERS :)

sick with stress

You'd think by now, i would be able to deal with stress a bit better. I mean, I've been a manager, I've dealth with countless pressured situations, I have some shit go on in my personal life that I've had to deal with, u know the usual "makes you stronger" stuff.


I'm a wreck, I'm worrying about getting another Job, (have 2 weeks work @ sqd now, which is cool), I'm worrying a lot about the shoot this weekend!! Will it come together ok? Can I direct it ok, get my vision across, get the performance I need from the actors, can I explain my ideas clear enough???

Will it look and sound okay? Will I make a [rather expensive] complete hash of it? Will I unwillingly let someone else take over and it end up not really being my vision? Can I get anywhere near my vision???

Damn my worry, damn the world, I'm gonna be grumpy for a while, I just need to make sure that I'm not grumpy on the shoot and that I don't vomit.


MYSPACE!!! it's soo crap, Kevin Rose slagged it off on one of the recent diggnation episodes I watched and he's right, it's so crap.

"I'm sorry cuntspace had unexpectedly shat out it's own internal organs"

AAAARRRGH, I just want to post a damn comment! is that so fucking hard?!?!? Apparently so.

Anyway, short trip to London today, had some top garlic bread mit mozzarella in Pizza Express, cheers :)

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