Getting moist yet??

Thanks to the handy Pioneer Removal Tools I got off ebay..

I managed to get my stereo out of the dash, of course the cradle came with it, but still mission accomplished.

Now to get the thing wired in to give me something while I save up for a new one...


And all the Almera has is these two block connectors and the aerial lead, damn.
Looks like whatever car this stereo was in before the guy stuffed it in mine, it was literally ripped out, Halfords have previously quoted me £40 for re-wiring, joy. I can get a harness adapter for around £8, but I still have to wire the damn thing up. Hmm

After many years...

Well it took me a fair bit of time, but I've finally joined the world of the automobiles with a not entirely brand spanking new Nissan Almera, but T reg and in pretty good nick...

And it has a spolier, electric windows AND MIRRORS, although I do need to get the stereo wired in, hopefully that'll stop me humming National Express :/

Btw, too that picture in a Halfords car park, clearly the first place to go (well technically the second, I had to get petrol first.), what do u think I bought???

Also have a token picture of me, behind the wheel about to drive on my own for the very first time...nervous.. slightly yes...

Nothing in particular

Bored, so writing a post, really bored, unemployment starts off ok then turns pretty shit. Starting to get more than a little concerned now, especially on the money front!

On the plus side went to the Brighton Barfly (or to call it by it's 'proper' name The Gloucester) to see Ghosts last night, cheers. I randomly discovered them as one of the free singles of the week on iTunes, then we heard them on the radio (different song), utilised my coke credits to get the album, saw them last night, top band basically.

While all manner of kit was failing, the lead guy started playing a random theme tune on his guitar, put it to the crowd, I correctly guessed it was Beavis And Butthead, cheers me ;) (apparently, according to my girlfriend, that's pretty sad, i don't see it myself)

The first band The Stillers, were good solid comedy rock, the second band, The Sonic Hearts, were better than I thought they'd be when they started, from Liverpool and the lead guy was pretty funny.

anyway, I'm bored, running out of money and bored some more.


Thanks to Simon Drake for pointing this out to me!

NB: Facebookers, this is a youtube embed and doesn't appear to show up in the notes, click "View original post"

New hotness

Coca-Cola are running this little iTunes promotion at the mo, with special packs you can win iTunes song credits, you're also entered into a draw to win an 80GB iPod.... guess what arrived this morning :D

So... without further ado, heres the suitably geeky unpacking shots (as is the law with all new Apple gear), note all these pics were taken with my iPhone.

iPod Unpacking 1iPod Unpacking 2
iPod Unpacking 3iPod Unpacking 4
iPod Unpacking 5iPod Unpacking 6
iPod Unpacking 7iPod Unpacking 8
iPod Unpacking 9iPod Unpacking 10
iPod Unpacking 11iPod Unpacking 12
iPod Unpacking 13iPod Unpacking 14
iPod Unpacking 15iPod Unpacking 16

All pics should link through to the relevant Flickr page and no, I don't own and iPhone :( that is somewhat revealed in one of the pictures too... I CAN DREAM CAN'T I!?!?

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