What the hell?

How the hell did the whole Madeline McCann thing explode into the massive media circus that it's become? I mean The Pope for fuck's sake!
As far as i'm aware this whole thing started with this couple leaving their very young kids alone in their hotel room while they went for a meal and she got snatched. While it's harsh any time a kid get's taken I fail to see what's so special about this case??

A little tip for ya

Don't use Disk Utility to verify your iPod's disk while it's connected to iTunes... as it fucks it and I just had to restore it and re-sync my library, which consequently lost the files I had stored on there. bugger.

YouTube... CHEERS!


I saw a seagull killing a pigeon.

Busy Busy

So very busy, and another busy week coming up, filming Monday to Friday at various locations around the country, looks pretty certain that I *won't* be doing any camera work tho >:/ fucking yay.

Hopefully going to see Spidey 3 tomorrow tho, which despite the mixed reviews should still be fucking cheers!

There's been a shitload of stuff I've thought to write about during the week, but just haven't had the time to type anything up, hopefully things'll settle down a tad after next week and allow me to catch up with shit, send appropriate emails that I need to and generally start progressing forward again. In the meantime I bought some phono-to-jack adapters and a headphone splitter jumper from Maplin.... oooh the excitement.

Oh dear oh dear.

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