back in the office

Ok, so no more getting out for me just yet, handed the rushes into the co-ordinator, although I'd labelled it to death I'd forgot to put on the location name (DOH!), knew there'd be something :/

Still don't know what's going on long term contract wise, seems there's a lot of productions in develpoment at least, and I think the liason for work that's going wasn't in the office today, or was just simply ignoring me but let's think positive here!!

On another note I've installed Google Desktop on the current work PC I'm having to use (BAH!), which is pretty damn handy I can tell you, needs to have a bookmarks option (although I'm gonna explore this whole social bookmarks malarkey), and something else that I've forgotten, nevermind.

Also came across this rather bizarre link aswell. Off home now. L8r.


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