they're coming to get you barbera

Another day out n about, well half a day anyway. A trip up to Sunbury-on-Thames to recce a comparative property for SH, then back to the office...approximatly 4 hours travelling and around 20 mins filming :/ you do get to see some interesting sights tho ;) ------>

Still, it's out n about, that's the main thing. Hopefully I should be finished on SH pretty soon, if I'm lucky by the middle of tomorrow, but I think this one's gonna haunt me. Gonna spend a couple of weeks contributor finding for another production about the schools admission system, it doesn't sound the most exciting subject in the world but it seems I do have to find some interesting people and let's be's not houses!

On a cinematic note, went and saw The Weather Man yesterday...what a dissappointing pile of wank that was, damn those clever trailer editors! Should've listened to Dr Kermode on this one (not Wolf Creek tho!!)


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