No that wasn't my Steve Ballmer impression, although it was pretty close, that was my elatedness (?) at having broadband at home once more! :)

Thankfully, my Orange freebie package is now active and although only 2meg when apparently the line supports 6.5, it's better than dial-up and then nothing which is what I had for the past couple of weeks. Plus I only had 2meg on AOL (if that!)

Not so WOO! is the damn passport service >:/, they've severely pissed me off this week by messing me about something chronic with the delivery of my renewed passport. Now renewing a passport should be an easy (if expensive) process, you fill out the form, pay the money (£58 bleurgh!) and a couple of weeks later they send you a spanking new passport. Not if you move house after you've applied.

Now I didn't think anything of it, mum put a re-direct on the post, so I assumed (yes) that everything would get to me. Of course I didn't count on the fact that the IPS use a specialist courier service called Secure Mail Services (SMS) to deliver their stuff, they tried to deliver my passport to the old house, obviously we weren't there, so I got a letter through the post saying to ring a number and arrange for redelivery. I rang it, got a computer who told me they could send it to my work address. I hung up and got my work addy, phoned back, got a person this time, said could I re-direct to my work addy, they said sure no probs, i gave them the details, they said..
"That's in London yes?"
I said..
"We can't deliver there."
"Because your passport is in Brighton"
"So we can't track it to London"

Great..thanks :/
"Okay, can I give you my new home address then?"
"No we can't take that I'm afraid"
"Why not?"
"We can't we can only deliver it to the address on the system"
"But I just gave you my work address to deliver it to"
"We can't do it, you have to phone the passport service and get them to send a fax to us"

And so it begins...4 days of phoning the passport service, in the end to be told that I had to send a fax, which had I been given the right number would have been a hell of a lot easier and would have saved a lot of aggrivation for a little old lady.

That was sent on Monday. I still haven't got my passport and consequentially I couldn't take my theory test (driving) and have lost £21 for my trouble.



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