more choo-poo

  1. Flooding
  2. Signal Faliure
  3. Broken Down Train ahead
  4. Line side fire
  5. Line side fire involving gas canisters
  6. trespasser on the line
  7. road vehical striking a bridge
  8. suspicious package on the train ahead
  9. passenger taken ill
  10. person under a train
  11. Doors not opening properly
  12. Passenger incident
  13. Security Alert (@ Blackfriars)
  14. Dead beaver on the line (!!!!! Apparently so according to Carrie)
  15. Temporary signal failure
  16. Points Failure
  17. Earlier service disruption
  18. Defective train
  19. Poor rail conditions
  20. 7.16 from Brighton suffering door problems thus holding up other trains
  21. Overcrowding
  22. Derailment at Brighton
  23. Over running engineering works
  24. Major signaling systems failure
  25. Temporary fault with signaling equipment
  26. Suspected fire alert
  27. Poor rail conditions that affected the preceding train
  28. Train still in depot as staff are attending to a fault on the train
  29. Earlier slippery rail conditions
I will add to this as I hear more.. feel free to add any in the comments too.


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