well the insurance came thru...

not quite as good as I was hoping for, but at the end of the day, I'm getting a replacement.

so, the backstory, my 12" iBook G4 1GHz 30Gb 256Mb, Combo (did expand with airport + another 512Mb), is dead (see earlier posts)

After a bit of faffing and having to send it to the insurance company, they agree that it's dead, or "beyond economical repair". Thank you.

They are going to replace it with a current bottom of the range MacBook (13" 1.83GHz C2D, 512Mb, 60Gb, Combo), after we gave them the princely sum of £75 excess!!

I was hoping for the mid-range model (2.0GHz, 80Gb, Super), but they wouldn't budge on that, still it's a replacement laptop for essentially £75 instead of around £800, so that's not bad I suppose.

Oh and to get my old one back they're charging another £75 + VAT! damn them.

Should arrive Weds, so I should be unpacking on next weekend!

Currently most excited about: Built in iSight! :D


Even with the "bottom end" I don't think the MacBook will disappoint you. Though, you'll want to get at least another 512MB SoDIMM to stick in there.

The dual core and 64-bit extensions on the C2D make a heck of a difference in performance over the PowerPC stuff. Encoding H264 on my 1.67GHz G4 used to take around 6x realtime. My 2GHz C2D is about 0.8x realtime - ie, faster than realtime and using spangly H264 - sweet.

I dunno if you saw the benchmarks of the original Core Duo 2GHz, but its performance was on par with a dual processor G5. Now in a notebook. Also sweet. C2D are reckoned to be about 10 - 20% faster than original CD, so at 1.83GHz with a bit more memory, you'll be more than fine.

Anyway I've written way too much on a geeky topic, just enjoy your new computer!

1:06 pm, February 17, 2007  

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