Middle of the day

Yep it's that time again, the time when you've had or are having lunch, and demotivation takes over (except for the saddos that work through their lunch break!!), you start checking out MySpace, Facebook, writing in your blog. The odd stifled burp reminds you that you eat far too much MaccyD's, but at least you have a guilt reducing bottle of Evian on your desk rather than the death ridden Coke, that adorned it this morning.

Fortunatly you have your laptop set up on your desk as well as your main work computer so that you can check twice as much email and see what joyeous spam you've got in the past 10 minutes, that and get Limewire going on the next episode of which ever prog you fancy (if it appears in the bloody search list and with the right episode number!).

But then the time ticks on, you know that in a few minutes you'll have to pick up the phone again, leave some more poxy voicemail (why don't we just call them messages anymore?) and look for someone else to allow you to jabber into their electronic voice mailbox for fun. Bastards.

Although, maybe you have someone actually booked in to talk to, maybe they'll actually be there, maybe you'll talk to the person you actually need to, and then maybe they won't shoot you down with their verbal ground to air missiles, distributing their dismissive flak in your general direction.

Maybe you're far too attacked to the grubby looking hole punch you rescued from the cupboard on your return after the break, but hell at least you've got your nice big desk back by the window, even if it gets covered in kit every couple of days.

"Excuse me I believe you have my stapler"

PS my filing cabinet acts as a foot stool.


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