New hotness

Coca-Cola are running this little iTunes promotion at the mo, with special packs you can win iTunes song credits, you're also entered into a draw to win an 80GB iPod.... guess what arrived this morning :D

So... without further ado, heres the suitably geeky unpacking shots (as is the law with all new Apple gear), note all these pics were taken with my iPhone.

iPod Unpacking 1iPod Unpacking 2
iPod Unpacking 3iPod Unpacking 4
iPod Unpacking 5iPod Unpacking 6
iPod Unpacking 7iPod Unpacking 8
iPod Unpacking 9iPod Unpacking 10
iPod Unpacking 11iPod Unpacking 12
iPod Unpacking 13iPod Unpacking 14
iPod Unpacking 15iPod Unpacking 16

All pics should link through to the relevant Flickr page and no, I don't own and iPhone :( that is somewhat revealed in one of the pictures too... I CAN DREAM CAN'T I!?!?

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