The end of another year

Well, December 31st has rolled around again, another year over and done with and a new one just about to start.

What of resolutions for 2008? Well I'm still working on mine, got a few hours left yet, to be honest, although I DESPERATELY need to sort my own place out again, that's quite a hefty challenge, so my resolution will probably be career orientated, well I don't smoke, don't drink and I've always been shit with money, so career it is.

Last (this) years? Can't remember, may have been to actually get a car, the previous year's was to sort my damn license out. Achieved (finally!) and crossed off (Dec 14th marked 1 year), I eventually got the car in July, thanks to some parental financial help, and have recently installed my new stereo ;)

I have some ideas for how the resolution will go, well I have some ideas and a vague to-do list for next year's career moves, just need the concise version for midnight.

2007's been an odd one, had some pretty good achievements and at the same time, things have maintained a reasonable status quo, so I think a bit more focus and stuff for 2008 is required to properly move things forward. Not that 07 was totally shite, I kept on the path I decided, it was just a bit of a slow one ;)

Anyway 2008 and Jools Holland are just around the corner, so on with the cheesy countdowns, watching others get wasted and crappy programmes that look back at the events of 2007.

Happy new year!!


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