I hate commuting

..well sometimes it's alright, but certain days suck.

..yay for Victoria, this was after they actually let us in, then, after deciding that the Victoria line was gonna be sick, I fought my way through to the District line (by the time I got to the platform I was listening to "Get In The Ring" possibly not the best thing to be listening to at times like this), was vacuum packed onto a train, made my way to Embankment to change to the Northern Line. All trains within the next 10 mins were going to Edgeware (I need High Barnet, the other side), not a huge problem, I'll just change or get off at Camden. Of course I fail to do that, and thus have to get off at Chalk Farm and then come back to Camden.

Oh and I had to stand (AGAIN!) from Burgess Hill to East Croydon, at least I got to sit down between Croydon and Victoria, it's not unheard of to have to stand all the way to London!


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