Feeling a little ill now...

If there's one thing i'm not a fan of, it's cold calling.

Working in production you have to do a lot of it, so I've kinda got used to it, figured out how to talk to people, learned the skills of convincing people to take part in Programme X for Channel Y. But I still don't really enjoy it.

Welcome now to the world of being freelance. Now I have to call people to sell myself! rather than whatever programme I'm working on. That ain't fun!

What do I say? How am I supposed to pitch myself as a cam-op/editor when I've just done nearly three years researching? Of course I can operate and edit, but then I need to get in the door to prove that first!

It's also, because it's new territory, slightly difficult to know whether these calls are going good or not so good, obviously some you can just tell that they went shite, but some I don't know. I guess I need to suss out what, and how much,  information to give across and what to expect back.

So I guess this is a new chapter in the career world, and thus blogging one. A chapter that's been hinted at for a few months now, with the odd gig here and there, now it's full on, a new direction, more crazy adventures (um...), heartbreak and tragedy, romance and triumph... or am I just being a tad melodramatic?

I dunno, am I excited? Yes. Am I shitting myself? Yes. Still.. party on, this is it, so let's do this!


I guess it's different in telly land but I reckon the first thing you should do is decide whether you want paid work as a camera op or paid work as an editor. Mind you, I know some ENG crews do their own editing ... maybe you should try ITN or something?

3:41 pm, March 26, 2008  

Camera first, edit second. I'm looking at a lot of corporate stuff.

4:05 pm, March 26, 2008  

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