Scratching - Round 2.1??

Ok, went out earlier, got the 14 cards

Feeling a little aprehensive... after all, as I mentioned in the previous post, the last 14-card-combo didn't end too happily, although this time it's 14 of the same type.

Well I had to go through 10 sequential cards (the numbers are on the bottom right of the card) before hitting a winner with a value of £2, the only winning card in this lot.

Still in the game tho, let's see where this £2 leads... probably nowhere.

So far, over two rounds of the "game" I've put in a total of £4 and played a total of 61 cards, 58 pig ones and 3 of the £100,000 ones. All the winning ones have been pig ones, so for that card...

58 cards played = 46 lose + 12 win (1 in 4.83??)

Highest winning so far was on the first lot, being £20, and accrued winnings (which doesn't work but hey) of £61.


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