Facebook "application" hell

Some grabs taken from the Facebook profiles of 3 people.

I mean really???! How many of these even have an actual USE? How many of these actually GET USED??

I've been gradually looking for useful apps to add to my profile, and religiously blocking any attempts to get me to send a hug, bite someone, buy a drink for, etc etc etc. It's like having to deny millions of random bands on MySpace all over again!

So far this..

Is my block of apps on my profile.  In order L-R and down...

  • Education & Work
  • Some basic profile info I include
  • My Web Profiles
  • A handy little app that allows you to create another 'app block' style panel for links to your other profiles online
  • Video
  • Because I want to upload videos every now and again
  • Notes
  • Linked by RSS to this blog, so updates are automatically shown on FB
  • Digg.com
  • Shows my recently Dugg stories on my profile (although I think this has been superceded by a better one that displays them in my Feed, don't think it's the same thing)
  • Pages
  • For things I WANT to support or keep tabs on this is it. It's pretty much like embedding MySpace into your profile.
  • Photos
  • Cos it's the law, and FB's implementation of photos is actually pretty good (could do with bigger albums tho)
  • Posted Items
  • Actually handy to share general links every now and again (even tho some might be shite)
  • Movies
  • Because I like movies and this is a good way of sharing thoughts on the ones I watch (in tandem with the blog), and the quizzes are quite fun too.
  • Wall
  • I'd probably put this as the most useless one of the lot (that I've got), there's better ways to communicate within FB, but at the same time it's used every now and again and I just can't give it up.
Not shown on there is TwitterSync, which (when Twitter sorts itself out), automatically updates my FB status with the most recent post on my Twitter feed. Groups and Events, both standard FB apps and useful in their own right and Revision 3 Player, which I'm gonna remove cos I forgot I had it.

Now after all Facebook is a SOCIAL network, and part of being social is having fun, so I'm not really knocking all the shite apps entirely, if people enjoy the whole Vampires vs Werewolf thing, knock yourselves out! And Scrabulous etc have proved pretty popular.

I just don't understand why some users have SO MANY apps installed, I can't see how they're using them all, they make the profiles load slower and the privacy issues must be all over the place! Also how come there's the demand for what are essentially the SAME BLOODY APP, just with different bells and whistles? Is that what were devolving to?

END RANT (for now)


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