AppZapper for FREE!?!?

What an offer! macZot! are offering, what appears to be a top notch little app (the afformentioned AppZapper), and something that I personally think OS X desperately needs, for FREE, well it will be when they get 259 blogs to link to their site.

So A) I'm giving them a link and B)I'll be angling for a copy! ;)

One of the (few) things that has bugged me since I started using OS X over a year ago now, is the lack of any sort of uninstallation (which unfortunatly Windoze has, albeit not 100% reliable, it's more than OSX has got!). Sure if you know where to look you can delete everything an app leaves behind, the same as you can with any OS, but personally I'd like an easier way! ;)

Anyway, check em out and if you have a blog, give em a link!


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