Here in my car

Well well well, after getting on for nine years now, I have finally got back behind the wheel of a car, in this case an AA driving school Ford Focus.

Finally getting back into driving lessons (just booked a block of 10) and hopefully getting rid of the career frustrating thorn that is the lack of "Full, clean driving licence" on my CV.

I took to it surprisingly well, it is like riding a bike, you never forget (that basics at least), sure I'm not 100% comfortable in it yet, but it's a simple case of getting used to the responsiveness of the brake & gas and being comfortable again with powering this bloody great hunk of metal up and down Britain's roads.

The instructor was impressed anyway. Thinks that it shouldn't take much to get me up to the right standard again, and next week's lesson will be taking a nice drive out of town.

Let's hope I pass the bloody test this time!!!


Ask the instructor to take you on the route used by driving examiners rather than take you out of town.

Examiners rarely test you out of town as driving at 55mph down a dual carriageway is not exactly difficult compared to reversing around corners, junctions, traffic lights etc...

Instructors who take you out of town want you to gain confidence, but fail the test so that you have to pay for more lessons!!!

10:58 am, April 20, 2006  

As far as I'm aware, instructors aren't allowed to take students around the test route, other wise that's the only place I'd drive, learn the route inside out and then pass with flying colours, irrespective of whether I can drive on any other sort of road :/

5:13 pm, April 21, 2006  

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