It's all in the face dear (um...)

Ok that title sounds a bit iffy, it was supposed to sound like proper thesp', but came across a little bit subversive!

Basically (again, I use that word far to often), basically yesterday was the day of the studio shoot for the programme I'm currently working on, and thus my television acting debut!! [wink wink]

Now, i wouldn't like to compare myself to the likes of Min-Sik Choi, or Olivier, but I think I can definitly describe myself as a character actor. This was a very demanding role for me, not that stressful, but a little disorientating at times, and very very warm. There was an element of danger involved and one might say that I was acting blind, although I still had the skills and confidence to do all my own stunt work.

I haven't seen the rushes yet but by all acounts the performance was the best they'd seen for a character of this type and overall I won't win any sort of award but should get 30 seconds (ish) more tv time!

I can't wait to see what the rest of the outfit looks like on cam! ;)


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