It had to happen, my iBook finally crashed, or to give it the correct terminology had a "Kernal Panic" and it certainly induces panic I can tell you!

Not panic in the sense of
"Oh my God's...what's that? That's not supposed to be there, oh God what am I gonna do what am I gonna do? I'll have to take it to PC world, maybe it's a virus or..or..a trojan"


"Oh! Shit! Bugger! Damn. Okay, restart (twiddles thumbs during reboot) why did that happen disk space the heat in this office hope I haven't buggered something well it's fine now probably for another year or so.

So I am wondering, why exactly that happened. I've googled "causes of kernel panics" a few times to try and find out, all the main ones seem to be permissions and hardware, well as soon as i was back up, I ran MacJanitor & Disk Utility, so hopefully they've cleared any of that up. Hardware; I hope not, cos that'll be a bugger, but it wouldn't surprise me, I've been pushing this little iBook quite hard since I've had it, and what with the ridiculous heat (pah! English! never happy with the weather), it could well get a little frazzled.


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