sick with stress

You'd think by now, i would be able to deal with stress a bit better. I mean, I've been a manager, I've dealth with countless pressured situations, I have some shit go on in my personal life that I've had to deal with, u know the usual "makes you stronger" stuff.


I'm a wreck, I'm worrying about getting another Job, (have 2 weeks work @ sqd now, which is cool), I'm worrying a lot about the shoot this weekend!! Will it come together ok? Can I direct it ok, get my vision across, get the performance I need from the actors, can I explain my ideas clear enough???

Will it look and sound okay? Will I make a [rather expensive] complete hash of it? Will I unwillingly let someone else take over and it end up not really being my vision? Can I get anywhere near my vision???

Damn my worry, damn the world, I'm gonna be grumpy for a while, I just need to make sure that I'm not grumpy on the shoot and that I don't vomit.


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