I've had a couple of messed up mornings this week. Trying to get back in the habit of getting up for work is not easy.

You stop work, and every day you want a lie in, you wake up at stupid o'clock in the morning, then when it comes to going back to work, all you want to do is sleep!! :/

For instance, this morning, I was at home in Henfield, over slept, woke up at 07:38, my bus was due around 07:40ish, rushed around, brushed my teeth, had a quick wash, chucked some clothes on and ran to the bus stop...missed it there's a surprise. Swore for a bit, then strolled up to the main bus stop to look at the time tables, ok, there's a bus to Burgess Hill at 08:02, which should get me there around 08:30, thus I should be able to get my normal train, cashback. Sure enough that's what happened (the pic is from platform 1 there) and I'm first in the office. Cheers.

Tuesday morning, even worse. In Brighton this time. My alarm on my phone goes off, I switch it off and immediatly drop off again. Wake up, look at the clock 08:30, shit! (my train's 08:36 from Brighton), jump out of bed, run around brush teeth, have a quick wash, look at my phone, the little bell symbol still there saying the alarm's still set, go into the clock switch that off, run around, finish getting dressed. Dash to the train station, thinking all the way about alternative routes to minimise my lateness, get to the station, next train to London Bridge 08:02, dash into the station...slow...stop...think...look up at the boards, next train leaving is 07:53.

Confusion sets in big time. Look at my watch, focus, 07:50, check it again. shit. When I woke up it was 07:30 not 08:30, my alarm never went off, hence why it was still set, and I could've had another 15 mins in bet and a bath in the morning. Damn. Spent most of the train journey up (on the 8:02) still trying to figure it all out.

Sometimes i can be really shit :/


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