I keep buying stuff on iTunes :/

It feels so weird to pay to download music, but I guess it the good and proper thing to do, rather than what some people do which is to download music from a P2P source. Scum.

I think it's this iTunes/Coke promo that got me started...I drink far too much Coke, and at the moment they've got this thing where 1 bottle of Coke = 1 iTunes song credit. Cheers, although it's limited to 5 songs per account, not so cheers. Still debating whether to set up any more accounts or not, just to get some more free music.

Plus side : more free music
Down side : having to manage more accounts that I'm only gonna use for 5 free songs each
Is it really worth it? Probably not.

But as a spin off from that, i've gone and paid for 2 whole albums from the store (previous and only purchase (apart from free downloads of the week) was the somewhat dissappointing Kubb album).. Revelations, the new Audioslave album, which rocks like a bitch although Tom Morello *still* needs to sort his damn solo's out :/

And thanks to the iTunes "Just For You" feature which suggests similar artists (sometimes with a fair randomness), I've purchased of Euphoria Morning, a Chris Cornell solo album, which is also quite good, if a little odd in places, but cheers. :)

and I know you're dying to know what I "bought" with my Coke Credits...

1. Dani California - RHCP
2. The Great Pretender - Freddy Mercury
3. Sweet Little Sister - Skid Row
4. We Built This City - Starship
5. Feuer Frei - Rammstein

Good mix huh? Maybe I should post that as an iMix??? ;)


Tom Morello just needs to leave his 'guitar wankery' book at home a bit more.

6:21 pm, September 28, 2006  

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