Damn Apple!!

They drive me insane with their new stuff!! They announce their special "Showtime" event (today) a few weeks back, then last week, brought out a 24" iMac (w00t!!), after completing the intel transition with the Mac Pro (w00t!!!!!), now they've released an new 80Gb iPod, and are gonna be making a proper TV/Media centre thing.

why do the tease me so, they know I can't afford any of it BOO HOO, OH BOO HOO HOO


dude, i feel your pain. i really want the nobrain convenience of an iPod HiFi thingy (yes, really - I don't care if it can't reproduce 17Hz, my ears are too old to hear that anyway) - i don't mind sacrificing the stereo sweet spot for ultimate sloth convenience, but i just can't - can't - sacrifice £230 - count 'em - £230.

still, some of those refurb iPods are looking tempting. gah! no! stoppit! stoppit!

11:03 pm, September 12, 2006  

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