Damn me to hell!

As I have recently been granted admin rights on my office PC, so that I may, initially upgrade Office so I could import .docx files, I been Mr. Windows Update for a few days now, starting with XP Service Pack 2 (which crashed, I cancelled and Task managered it to oblivion, but the PC seems (as)okay(as pc's can be) and it doesn't show up in WinUpdate any more.

A ridiculous amount of security updates, needless to say the PC feels a tad more sluggish now all that's been applied.

And Browser...well even though Firefox 2 is pretty unstable compared to 1.5 I though I'd bung it on and improve my workflow somewhat hopefully...but wait....what's that in Windows Update??

Internet Explorer 7!?!

I can't! I mustn't!

I have!

Well why not? While i feel bad for contributing to the usage stats, this is the only place I can possibly give it a go (I did try the Beta on my home PC, which has been relegated to the cupboard..it was horrible btw).

so Fx is currently stashed inside it's installer on the desktop and IE7 is proudly enforcing it's totaliarian (??) state on my work PC.

I've just opened it up, I'm typing this in it and...

a) Why won't it let me move the buttons off the tab bar??

b) I'm currently lovin' Quick Tabs (better then the Foxspose plugin I used)

c) On the second page IE7 displayed (an internal setup page) there was an error..good start IE (see pic)
d) just uploaded the pic to blogger, which isn't showing up (just that reassuring small red x in a box) and the formatting's been screwed in this window.
Will I go to hell for this? Will IE redeem itself or is this the shape of things to come??


You are already in Hell ;-)


3:32 pm, January 29, 2007  

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