that went down the wrong way!

Well it seems we've had our snow for the year, and what a day of now it was, I was half an hour late for work!!! HALF AN HOUR!?!?! I thought even a few flakes was supposed to completely cripple the rail networks over here?!? But no, I STILL managed to get to work. :/

Well at least it didn't snow on Wednesday 'cos I had the pleasure of crewing on an interview with none other than Dawson's Creek hearthrob himself... Joshua Jackson!! Well there were several girls/women that I mentioned it too who were more than a little excited at the prospect (even though they weren't the ones meeting him?!), including my girlfriend, for whom I was forced to forgo any sort of professionalism and get her Dawson's Creek soundtrack signed for her. Which she was incredibly pleased about and I felt like a right cunt.

He was very nice by the way. I was there allegedly to do sound, however they hired in kit for the shoot, including a load of sound gear I'd never used before, including an SQN2S (may be a 4S mini as it looked like the one in the pic, but I'm sure it said 2S on it) mixer, very snazzy, proffessional mixer, a lot better than the smaller MixPre's we have, however a shitload more knobs and switches and by the time we came to shoot, I wasn't confident that all these switches were set correctly as it didn't sound quite right, so we left the mixer and went straight into cam from the radio packs, thus Will on cam monitored and I did..well bugger all really.

Dissapointing, but I'd rather do that than fuck up the sound! Hopefully company's gonna sort out some training from where they hired from, and I suggested possibly getting them to make up a one-page PDF quickstart guide, something Google (or SQN as they didn't answer their damn phone) couldn't help me with on Weds. Anyone who knows the location of one, please do let me know :)

Currently working across two documentaries, one on mobile phones in learning environments, the other on whether school league tables are working or not. One of them offers the prospect of filming abroad, the other offers baffling academic statistics...

Either way, it's something slightly different and there's a load of filming coming up so hopefully I'll get out of the office a tad more, which is always nice :)

I'm getting a little behind posting my vague reviews to my review blog, so you may find two or three pop up in a session, I'll try and be a little more regular as I have started watching more films again (btw.. Hot Fuzz.. 14th Feb!!!!!!!)

Oh yeah and apparently, according to the optitian, I need to get some glasses for when I'm operating a VDU (sounds so 80's..."V.D.U.")...more expense, and I have a hard enough time finding sunglasses I don't look a complete cock in.


For the SQN 2S you could take a look here:

I need to get me one of those (or something similar) .... !

5:47 pm, January 27, 2007  

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