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Sad yet happy

I've just realised I don't know where my copy of Ichi The Killer is :/ must've lent it to someone...but who?!?!?

However, my MacBook has arrived!!!!!! :D

not quite as good as I was hoping for, but at the end of the day, I'm getting a replacement.

so, the backstory, my 12" iBook G4 1GHz 30Gb 256Mb, Combo (did expand with airport + another 512Mb), is dead (see earlier posts)

After a bit of faffing and having to send it to the insurance company, they agree that it's dead, or "beyond economical repair". Thank you.

They are going to replace it with a current bottom of the range MacBook (13" 1.83GHz C2D, 512Mb, 60Gb, Combo), after we gave them the princely sum of £75 excess!!

I was hoping for the mid-range model (2.0GHz, 80Gb, Super), but they wouldn't budge on that, still it's a replacement laptop for essentially £75 instead of around £800, so that's not bad I suppose.

Oh and to get my old one back they're charging another £75 + VAT! damn them.

Should arrive Weds, so I should be unpacking on next weekend!

Currently most excited about: Built in iSight! :D


Came across this recently while doing research for the doc I'm working on. Apparently it's massive in Japan.

QR Code will be popping up on my website, probably this weekend!

Utterly brilliant!

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Damn the RAM

Well, after finally getting the Apple Hardware Test to run, it froze and then crashed completely on the RAM test section, so I force shutdown, whipped out the 512Mb Crucial stick and restarted the AHT...which didn't even load this time.

Apparently the basic RAM in an iBook is soldered onto the board. Damn.

Target Disk Mode

Ok, I've been fiddling about for about a day and a half now, and as far as I can tell at the mo, my iBook has entered the world of the mentally retarded.

The light's on but nobody's home.

I have been "politly" told on the mac support forums, when I posted to a thread where a guy had pretty much exactly the same symptoms as me, to start a new thread for mine, as it may not be exactly the same thing and it would get confusing dealing with two different people. I didn't ask directly for help I merely explained my symptoms and said I was gonna watch the thread. Dickhead. in answer to the question.. No, this answer was not helpful.

Sometimes people online are wankers.

Anyway, as I've been fretting over my iBook and wanting to get a shitload of important stuff off (who the hell backs up their entire system regularly anyway?), I tried slamming it into Target Disk mode.

What Target Disk mode is, is a nifty way of turning my ibook into what is in essence a rather chunky and expensive 30Gb firewire drive.

Bloody useful, this confirmed for me that my HDD isn't dead and I can drag all my files onto my PowerMac, cheers.

But wait a anyone with their own Mac, basic knowledge of boot keystrokes and a 6-6 FW400 lead can do the same thing?!?

That seems a bit daft now.

As I don't currently have FileVault enabled on there, I don't know if this would make a difference and at the mo, I can't be arsed to read up on it. Also I did see on the instructions that it is possible to disable TD mode, however again, this seems a bit cack handed as it may provide the required security, but I'd be buggered for getting my shit copied.

And Mike..not giving up on it just yet, but certainly tempted to go for the insurance and then a new MacBook ;)


My iBook is buggered...keeps..freezing...out of

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