Ever have any of those times where you're plagued by indecision, uncertainty, doubt, lack of conviction etc, all topped of with a bit of a head cold.

I'm at one of those times at the moment, looking ahead, not sure on the path to take and all that and to be honest it's pissing me off and getting to me. I need to figure this shit out and soon!

I started out in all this with a clear idea and sense of direction, right now it's kinda like staggering though a misty bog at night, looking for the batteries to put in an oil lamp. Shit analogy but still...

I'm sure I'll figure things out soon, but right now I feel crappy.


Disappointingly pronounced Bozzam, something I obviously refused to do all the time we were there.

It's an ok place, twas cold and wet and reminded me that I really do need to get those boots from Millets, but it's another day out to a random place and Vic was happy cos she got to feed ducks.

Unfortunatly I neglected to take my SLR with me and 
so was left with only the shiteness of my Nokia, so snapped a couple of pics and then sicked up on my phone out of spite.
Also working on a website idea, could be an interesting one, that may work on a small commercial scale, y'know, like 50p/quarter from ads or something. Stay tuned.

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