Above you can see a picture of my current "office", you can also see that I need a new one, as the dining table is not the best place to be, although slightly more comfortable than being cramped upstairs in what I shall now affectionately call "the stationary cupboard".

Some points of note:-

  • Dirty MacBook, Twitteriffic and Pownce constantly open in the background (or foreground in this pic)
  • A Wafer Thin (in an Allo Allo French accent) ham and salad cream Petit Pain (roll)
  • Orange Squash
  • Losing lottery ticket (three "lucky" dips, one number circled)
  • Notepad, 2008/9 diary which doesn't start until June!, Accounts book
  • HMRC form for becoming Self Employed (did it online tho)
  • P45
  • Mobile phone (not ringing)
  • Confirmation letter for the "Becoming Self Employed" workshop at Horsham tax office
  • Some nasty nasty Potpourri stuff
This is what it's all about, living it up, cold calling, downloading PDF's (when the links on the HMRC site ACTUALLY WORK!), and figuring a game plan.

Pownce it! Pownce it!


Still it all manages to look rather regal with that colour scheme you have going on ....

I really need to bridge the gap between "full time permie" and "part time freelancer" by regging and self assessing and depreciating all my expensive toys against tax. So much hassle though, so much hassle. Right?

3:11 pm, April 08, 2008  

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