What a way to make a living

Well it's pretty normal actually, although I shall endeavour to reuse that post title when I do something worthy of it. In this instance I've just spent a few days on a corporate gig, shooting a few interviews and then cutting them together with a load more footage shot by myself and others, a load of photos and some funky music.

What's great about jobs like this is, you're working with friends in a reasonably relaxed, yet productive environment, and can end up in not the usual places for work, such as editing in a conference room (above).

It does seem a bit of a haphazard layout up there, and I did comment on the fact that the table looked more impressive the other day, but at least today everything was working pretty well.

Day 1 of edit, FCP sees the DSR-25 deck, but refuses to do anything with it.
Day 2 of edit, FCP refuses to acknowledge the existence of the replacement DSR-25.
Day 3 of edit, FCP happy in it's fluffy-comfort-blanket of the DSR-11 (Matt now happier knowing he can playout)

Surprisingly, the cheap 500Gb USB2 HDD that was used for this job (not my choice, but read on) held up pretty well (I think it's a Seagate), I was getting soooo angry with it to begin with, only mildly frustrated with it about 2/3 of the way through and slightly shameful about the remarks I made about it towards the end.

We've decided to rename it the "FTL Drive" (read:BSG) as I kept having to wait for it to 'spool up' all the time.

The other thing I realised is how badly I need to upgrade my PowerPC version of FCP to an Intel Native/Universal one, I'm sure half the performance issues would be solved by this (that and an 8-core MacPro maybe), the hobnobs made things slightly better tho ;)

The other thing that this editing setup has going for it, is despite cutting on my 1.83 Macbook with a USB HDD and a random assortment of other stuff, there's a projector in the room, which day's 1 & 2 (non-working decks) had the timeline and canvas on and day 3, had a projected output preview, NICE! (Although as there was no r/c for the deck we had to live with the timecode and DVCAM displayed on the screen, I think the client was ok with this)

Anyway, a good job, well done, now hopefully the AV guys will make it look all pretty when it's projected at the event. :)


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