guess I should post something!

Hi all,

I'm nearing the end of my first week @ Square Donkey, I've watched hundreds of video clips on the internet, and all in all I'm pretty happy, going to embark on the mammoth task of getting the shortlisted clips onto DV, through a rather time consuming process of converting them (probably using iSquint) and them importing the MP4 clips into iMovie (cos for this I can't be arsed to faff around in FCP).

So what has it been like commuting up to London again. Pretty much the same as it was before, except I go straight into London Bridge and walk to the office rather than Victoria then tube to White City. There's the usual array of oddities on the train, which is always midly amusing for me (no doubt I'm mildly amusing for someone too).

Still getting into the routine of leaving Vic's flat at 8.00AM and getting back at 8.30PM (ish), plus would prefer to have my OWN flat, but hey :/

Lunches are not quite up to BBC standard, basically no roast dinners every day, first non M&S sandwich lunch was a rather tasty pastrami and colslaw granary bap from a deli on Borough High St. Although it reminded me that I should steer clear of cheap colslaw. :/

Still, I have been watching some awsome clips, although there's some shite ones too, but they won't get included. Have bunged a couple of Extreme ones in for good measure, see what the producers think eh? ;)

Speaking of Extreme, as I've been registering accounts with all manner of social video sites, expect to see ExtremeRetail all over the web once again pretty soon. ;)


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