It should'nt be this difficult!

WHY OH WHY OH WHY?!? Has it been sooo difficult to get hold of a new TV for Vic??

I'm guessing cos she's going for a cheap 28" 4:3 CRT rather than a "super bastard plasma screen" but still, surely it should have been easier than trapesing round Sussex for a day with no joy and eventually me ordering one online from a rather shady looking website via Froogle, who's customer service I now come to regard as utter shite! Last time I buy something through Froogle!

Now I've eventually got them to deliver it when they said they were going to (after giving in and paying out another £8 for a different courier), lets see if it turns up and works eh? If not I'm not gonna be fucking happy.

Rant over, on a plus note, for lunch , I've just had a rather good jacket potato, cheers.


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