Hell Yeah! Pt.2

The PC is dead, long live the Mac!

Well kinda, I've finally unplugged my PC and am currently 100% Mac based!! :D This will change, when (after the move) I set up my PC again, so I have a printer & scanner again, but for now I'm wallowing in Mac happiness!

And I've started on the blinging road to pimping out the Powermac, I've ordered a new Pioneer DVD burner (fingers crossed that it will actually work, indications are that it'l be ok!), a 160Gb internal HDD and SATA card.

Basically I've spent too much money over the past week. I've still yet to get the FW800 card and ADC-VGA adapter :/ then the other options are, get another external HDD (probably a LaCie d2 250Gb as a scratch disk and use my existing 160Gb for other data (sound samples etc)), possibly upgrade the graphics card and finally the possibility of a processor upgrade, although that is rather expensive, and for the cost an upgrade I could probably buy a faster G4 Powermac off ebay! I think I'll see how I go with that one.

At the moment, it goes pretty good, rendering in FCP4 is painful, but, that's only cos I'm working on something with several effects and have to re-render each time I make an adjustment, cheers :/

It'll be interesting to see how After Effects gets on when I get it installed on here, mainly how it compares, rendering time wise, to my iBook, if it's about the same I'll be happy.

When we do move and I start to get everything set up again, I hope I have enough room and power points!! There's gonna be a lot of kit...

* Powermac
* Monitor 1
* Monitor 2
* Ext. HDD 1
* Ext. HDD 2
* Behringer Mixer
* Speakers
* DV Camera/Deck
* TV (for output until I get a broadcast monitor)
* PC
* Monitor
* Printer
* Scanner

Then theres the...

* PS2
* iBook
* mobile phone
* Marshall bass amp (& fx pedals)
* Paper shredder

Hopefully I'll be able to put the wireless router in another room...Hell yeah! :/


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