So far today, Friday the 13th is certainly living up to it's reputation >:/

Got up on time, got the right train, train got to Burgess Hill and decided that the doors didn't want to work properly so everyone got chucked of at Haywards Heath..thanks. Thus I have to wait 10 mins, get a slower train, change a East Croydon, wait another 10 mins, get a train to Victoria, get to Victoria just before 8, which is when I'm due at the studio!

Get into the tube station and YAY my Oyster card's expired, unlike my train ticket that I can still use on the day of expiry, the Oyster card's clearly a no-no, rush to buy ticket from the machine, even later.

Oh yeah and I didn't get paid this week like I was told I would :( Hopefully that'll get sorted otherwise I don't know how I'll even get to work.

Apart from that, filming's going fine :)


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