A good grumble n stuff

Pissing rain >:/ I got drenched making the short trip round the corner from the office to Tesco and back.

On the way there the damn graffiti ridden cashpoint was OUT OF SERVICE (damn things are almost as bad as cocking MySpace!), fortunatly I had enough change for, what seems to be the ritual, Deep Fill Smoked Ham and Cheddar sandwich, bottle of Sprite and pack of BBQ Chicken crinkly hula-hoops, although throwing in a racy pack of choccy buttons this time.

Lunches seem to be incredibly dull over recent months, although while at Square Donkey I used some of my lunchtimes to do a bit of exploring of the area around that particular bit of London and will probably do the same up this way (when it's not raining enough to drown Noah), the actual food aspect of the lunches are..well..a bit shit.

A ham'n'cheese sanger, occasionally in a granary bap from a sandwich bar rather than a pre-pack Tesco one, but still Ham n cheese, at SQD came the odd Jacket Potato, every time with Cheese And Beans, so nothing racy there, overall, the same stuff and it all gets a bit dull.

I need to sort out some different lunches :/


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