Oh my god I got up early today! :( 4.15AM to be exact!!!

Dark, damp and way too fucking early!! :S I hate getting up early, but I've yet to find a job that's any good, where I don't have to (and isn't a night work job), so until that time I will continue to grumpily get up early when required to.

So a couple of hours and a McDonalds Big Breakfast later I'm stood, slightly chilly outside the Brook Lapping offices, various people on their way to work giving me strange looks as a loiter outside the building :/

We pack, we load and we get on our way, for five minutes until we get stuck in traffic just down the road, also why we're in traffic, moving albeit not a great speed, so our driver was reading the paper at the same time!! :/, not so encouraging!

A couple of hours spent setting up and we're ready to go.

My responsibility today, apart from general continuity, fact checking, errands etc...SOUND!, not just booming, but mixing too! It's only a small mixer and we're pretty much running off one clip mic for most of the time, but still :)

Long old day tho!, 16 hours for me before I got home, thankfully a slightly later start 2moro, but then it's also Friday 13th :(


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