I had a look at this new search engine today... Cuil

Obviously the first thing I decided to search for was me, see what profiles and sites of mine came up and how high in the rankings. It took a few term variations to find my stuff (not good for starters) and then when I did, there was something not quite right about the results where my actual website was listed. Namely the accompanying pictures.

Right... So in illustrating my site, we've got a picture of what appears to be maybe a hotel of some sorts and the logo of The Portland Hospital for Women and Children, ok.

So I have to say, thus far I'm not overly impressed with Cuil, the webserver that my site's on is undergoing an upgrade of some sorts at the moment, this could be throwing Cuil's results off a bit, so I'll be checking again, when I know that my site's back up, and if it's not back up soon getting onto Fasthosts to find out why!

Odd, nonetheless.


I thought it was shit when I tried it. It also has a shit name from a marketing perspective. It's pronounced "cool", WTF? Shirley that is cewl then, not cuil? How do you spell it? Fuck it, here's google ...

Cuil makes you realise how good Google actually is. The fact that Cuil is run by ex-Google employees just goes to show Google knows who to let go. Also, isn't there a conflict of interest? If Cuil is ever successful would you be surprised if Google sued them for stealing its trade secrets? Surely if you leave Google the stupidest thing you could do is start a search engine company?! Why do we need another one anyway? Perhaps they're hoping to get bought up by Microsoft who seem to have knack of employing has-beens and retards.

11:53 am, July 29, 2008  

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