Unboxing the iPhone 3G

HURRAH!! It's finally arrived, my brand spanking new iPhone 3G 8Gb Black.

It arrived in this rather dull browm box courtesy of DHL

Once into the box there's a load of O2 stuff on top; returns policy, old mobile recycling bag, 2 sim card envelopes (one with a sim card in, not sure why I have 2, mistake probably)..

and underneath, the iPhone box, all sealed :D

The SIM is all very straight forward stuff. It's attached to the get started leaflet.

There it is!!, It even looks amazing in the box!

Possibly the greatest thing I've ever held in my hand!!!1

Your wires sir; USB-to-Dock Adapter cable, ear buds (with the inline control/mic), UK plug adap and power...brick? more like a chunk of gravel.

A fancy Apple paper clip, namely the SIM removal tool

Paperwork; Apple stickers, IMPORTANT INFORMATION, 'Finger Tips' leaflet and iPhone microfibre cloth.

Finger Tips, is pretty much a quick start guide, or "this is what your phone can do"

Cables out of box, how small is the power block?!?

this small. L-R; Macbook, iPod, iPhone.

Go Go Gadget SIM Removal tool, or in this case to install the SIM.


After being told to plug in to iTunes (or make an emergency call if I wished), I have done so
Needless to say, I've been waiting for about 45 mins for it to access the store. yay for Day 1.

More to come once it's up and running.

Pownce it! Pownce it!


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