Twitching, the pain of waiting...

IT"S NOT HERE YET!!!! I was up early today, mainly cos I was waiting for a phone call from National Windscreens as to when they could replace mine.. Monday it seems :/

But I was hoping for an early delivery of my spanking new iPhone 3G (just logging into O2 now, to try and track it). It's a horrible empty feeling that Apple induces in people. I feel for all those people who are queing outside the various stores, especially those who are at the back of the line and could well not be going home with an iPhone today. I'm guaranteed one, but I don't know when today I'll have it (it should be today!!!)

Having just checked My O2, the order tracking doesn't work. :(

To try and satisfy my cravings, I've created two ringtones using Garageband and the instructions at TUAW and downloaded 3 free apps from the store.

  1. Friend is a Four Letter Word - Cake (this is what's on my current Nokia)
  2. Sonne - Rammstein

Apps (iTunes Links)

So far holding off on the PhoneSaber and Moo, although I'll probably buckle. Also on the cards at the mo is AIM, although early reviews don't look good, needs push.

Speaking of 'push' that's quite a big thing, I'm gonna see how well the basic POP handling is for my email before considering forking out for Exchange server or MobileMe.

Expect more ranting while I wait, then gratuitous unboxing photos/video when it arrives.

Pownce it! Pownce it!


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