very nearly iPhone time

HURRAH! It seems (as I can log in to My O2, they're billing me and apparently shipping an iPhone 3G 8Gb Black to me), that I'm getting an iPhone tomorrow!!!!

So yes I went with the 8Gb model, and yes a lot of people are probably groaning at that, but for me I didn't see the need (at the moment) to splash out on the 16Gb model, I've no intention of ditching my 80Gb 5th Gen iPod (or 60Gb iPod Photo). I don't want to waste my phone's battery by listening to music on it for hours, although the larger screen for video is tempting, so I'll have to see how that goes.

And as you may have noticed I'm on the £45/month contract, a little higher that I really wanted, I would've preferred the £35/mnth one, but as I'm a tad strapped for spare cash, the £45 tarrif, means FREE 8Gb phone, rather than paying £99 up front (although If I could've afforded it that's what I would've done), the other thing is I will still be slightly better off on this tariff than I am on my current Orange one.

So, I need to transfer my number, go out and buy a car charger and holder, and wait....


Ok not just waiting, I've also upgraded to iTunes 7.7 on my MacBook, I need to clean up my address book as well, there's probably a couple of other things to do n all.

Pownce it! Pownce it!


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